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You are looking for employees who exactly fulfill

your requirements, perfectly fit into your
organisation and choose your company with candour and deliberation?


With more than 20 years of experience in the field of HR,

I am aware of both, the companies‘ expectations and the candidates‘ needs.

I support you in your search for new talent and make sure you find exactly the employees you are looking for.

I accomplish this with a sense of empathy, a good dose of sensitivity and the right


Let’s find the perfect match together!


You are striving for a change in your career, but are not sure, where exactly this should take you? You would like to bring your application to a high professional level? 

As an experienced HR manager and coach, I understand your needs as well as the companies‘ expectations.

Based on this, you will be able to deliberately take the next step on your career path.


Strengthen your leadership skills in an individual advisory process that will take your management abilities to the next level.


You will act more effectively as a manager and strategically reach your professional targets. Custom-tailored coaching will improve your conflict management and communication skills and facilitate your decision making processes. 


I support your company in setting up efficient HR-processes, training and enabling your staff, reducing cost and strengthening employee engagement.


Based on a thorough analysis of your company structure and -culture as well as of your HR-processes, I can offer you customized solutions aiming at improving the efficiency of your company, retaining your employees and reaching your strategical HR-goals.

Active Sourcing mit KI

PeopleGPT by Juicebox - Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolutionizes recruiting.

PeopleGPT is an AI-powered recruiting-software, which processes prompts in natural language and provides candidates profiles including contact details as well as customized email letters. 


  • 800+ million candidate profiles

  • 30+ data sources 

  • understands multiple languages

  • no Boolean searches needed.


Active Sourcing made easy.

Bewerbungsgespräch der HR Recruiterin aus Graz mit einem Mann, der Laptop hält.
Über mich

The working world has been transforming. New generations like Y and Z have started their careers, demographic change causes immanent staff shortage. Open positions cannot be filled, departments are being consistently under-staffed. All of this makes companies, managers and HR-departments face new challenges.

While the working population is shrinking, open jobs are rising in numbers. These new circumstances require a different form of HR-work and a new management style; good-bye mere recruiting, hello talent attraction. Employees and teams are striving to be lead on an individual basis. The working environment is getting more complex, cooperation in and between teams more challenging, more efficient processes become necessary. Managers have to be enabled and strengthened in their management skills.​

As an experienced HR-manager and coach, I have been working with companies, managers and candidates for many years and am, thus, well aware of all sides‘ needs. With this expertise, I support and enable you to deliberately define and reach your goals.


Trusted Clients: Brands I have been working with

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customers who trust me

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Thank you for your message!

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